The photography technique combined with luxury

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Fototechnik is not always only associated with good cameras. There are also many cameras that perform well and still have some luxury as an encore. These can usually not be bought by ordinary citizens, since they are often special models, which are only issued to certain circles. Sometimes a normal citizen can […]

A lady wrote me an e-mail: she wanted to have her orchids put together in a photo book. Of course, I accepted this assignment because I love to photograph plants. I met with her to discuss the details. Since she herself had a PC and an Internet connection, I suggested to her that she should […]

Not only for others, but also for myself, I always like to make a photo book. There is a swing pictures together, which I then, if I mean, a cut would have to be made, also immediately further processing. This time, the photo book should be titled Winter. Some pictures were still there from the past years, also […]

Yes, I’m done with sorting my own photo book collection. So far, all this was more or less strictly arranged according to topics, which was not so perfect with the fullness. Now the books are arranged alphabetically on the shelf and I find within seconds what I am looking for. Each letter is given, […]

The relationship between my sister and me is a very special one. If outsiders see how we sometimes deal with each other, that would be a reason to worry about us. We love each other hot and heartfelt and understand ourselves blindly and without words. We like to get together and this is also good […]

If you are an enthusiastic photographer, you will also collect some photos during the winter, which he then composes in a photo book. Throughout the year, you can always create theme-related photos, so that the Winter Fotobuch can also find a place next to it on the shelf. Motifs are endless. One has the […]

Everyone can create a photo gift when he gets some basic equipment. This includes mugs, t-shirts, calendars and a few more items that can be printed with a nice photo. But before you can just get started, there are some things to consider. This includes the calculation.
First of all it has to be calculated exactly how much money is invested […]

Macro photography is a technique that is very popular when it comes to presenting small things with a great effect. This includes small animals, perhaps also a small flower or other things that one would like to represent. Macro photography can also be described as a detail photo. The photos will be very nice but also very […]

Shop windows are the sign of the shops. However, many shops have a problem with it because they do not know exactly what is currently in the trend and which decoration should be used. Purple, yellow or other trend colors are picked up by the shops and used in shop windows.
Of course you should steal no idea, because that would be unimaginative and […]

Many of them are still developing their photos. Whether you have photos on a photo film, or you have taken them with a digital camera. Having a photo in your hands is always something beautiful. That is why there are still today in the modern times also a lot of providers, which develop photos. […]